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About My Story

My name is Rhonda Greer and I am the founder of Hoss & Duke’s Pet Food.  My inspiration for starting this business was to start feeding my dogs food that wouldn’t poison them.  When I was younger, I fed my dogs cheap dog food.  They all died from cancer or diabetes way younger than they should have.  When I got older, I fed my dogs expensive kibble.  They all died from cancer or some rare disease way younger than they should have.  I got Hoss and Duke a couple of years ago and I started feeding them the exact same crappy dog food that had just killed my two previous dogs.  They were already showing signs that something was wrong.  In June of 2018 I decided I wasn’t going to do that anymore and started making them real food, dog food.  I want to share what I am doing with others that are tired of being told you have to feed your dog kibble. 

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