Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Shampoo

Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Shampoo
Ingredients To Avoid In Dog Shampoo

Shampooing dogs is an important part of keeping your pet clean and healthy. But there are many things that should never be put into a dog’s bathtub. The first thing to know about shampooing your dog is that it’s not really necessary to bathe your dog every day. It is best to bathe them once a month. However, if you want to keep your dog looking his best, here is one of the most commonly used ingredients to avoid in dog shampoos.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which is used as a foaming agent can cause skin and eye irritation and allergic reactions in people and animals. It also dries out your dogs skin and hair, and it can do the same to yourself.  A bigger problem associated with SLES is that during the manufacturing process a carcinogen called 1,4 dioxane is created and can contaminate the SLES.  

When looking for a dog shampoo, if you have a hard time pronouncing the ingredient, chances are it’s part of the ingredients to avoid in dog shampoo.

You can find SLES-free products at Hoss & Duke’s Pet Food

Hoss & Duke’s Pet Food offers an entire line of dog shampoos and conditioners along with detangling spray and cleansing spray that have easy to pronounce ingredients. Every ingredient in Trueblue products are a combination of nature and science to provide the best and safest shampoo and conditioner for your fur-baby. Ingredients include natural cleansers (derived from coconuts and sugar), natural fragrances from essential oil blends, organic chamomile, organic grapefruit seed extract, and green tea extract. Below is a list of all the great products you can find on Hoss & Duke’s website to keep your pet clean and fresh.


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