Ingredients to Avoid in your Dog and Cat Shampoo

Ingredients to avoid in your dog and cat shampoo.  Trying to do the best we can for our pets is a never-ending project. When it comes to dog shampoo it does not stop there. Unfortunately, most manufacturers are only concerned with the bottom line. Just like some of the dog treats that are produced, some manufacturers do not care about the ingredients as long as they make money. Reading labels can be a little over whelming. If you come across an ingredient that makes you stop reading to try to pronounce, chances are it is not the best for your pet. Ingredients to avoid in your dog and cat shampoo are artificial fragrances, formaldehyde preservatives, paraben preservatives such as butylparaben, methylparaben, or propylparaben, and SD Alcohol 40 also called isopropyl or SD-40. There are a lot more ingredients to be on the look out for and I have found a great article by Dogs Naturally that list at least twenty ingredients to stay away from.

Hoss & Duke’s Pet Food offers an entire line of dog shampoos and conditioners along with detangling spray and cleansing spray that have easy to pronounce ingredients. Every ingredient in Trueblue products are a combination of nature and science to provide the best and safest shampoo and conditioner for your fur-baby. Ingredients include natural cleansers (derived from coconuts and sugar), natural fragrances from essential oil blends, organic chamomile, organic grapefruit seed extract, and green tea extract. Below is a list of all the great products you can find on Hoss & Duke’s website to keep your pet clean and fresh. When you buy 2 or more Trueblue products, you save 15% on your entire order with coupon code “Trueblue15”. Offer expires 3/31/2022.

Super Fresh Deodorizing Shampoo

Natural Balance Conditioning Shampoo

Pure & Sure Puppy Shampoo

Moisture Rich Conditioning Crème

Easy Comb Detangling Spray

Fresh In-A-Flash Cleansing Spray

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