Are Probiotics Good for my Dog?

Absolutely, probiotics are good for your dog. The gut is at least 80% of your animals immune system. It’s a really good idea to rotate your dogs probiotics using different probiotics from Adored Beast Apothecary. I rotate all of the Adored Beast Probiotics with my dogs.  There is a great article on Adored Beast website on the rotation of probiotics.

In the blog from Adored Beast there is a section explaining the importance of  rotating probiotics

Following is an excerpt from Adored Beast Blog – 

Rotating Supplements (Probiotics)

As mentioned, just as with food, there are many different supplements you can rotate through to provide your animal with the best of the best.

Probiotics are perhaps the best example of why rotation is key.

We now know that good gut health is essential to overall health. Helping to build strong communities of beneficial bacteria in the gut by feeding probiotics is an essential part of this. By alternating between different probiotics, you’re exposing your animal’s gut to new and different strains of probiotic bacteria from different sources.

Take our different probiotics. At ABA we have a lot of different probiotic blends. Each one was created to fit a different need, and they also each target different areas of the body or different bodily systems.

Some have the same strains (Love Bugs, Healthy Gut, Gut Soothe) but with different additions, such as digestive enzymes (Healthy Gut) or anti-inflammatory herbs (Gut Soothe). Then you have our species-specific probiotics that feature canine or feline-specific strains. Then of course you have Soil & Sea which features soil-based probiotics. So, by giving these in rotation, you’re exposing your animal to so many different probiotic strains – and the different benefits are just mind-blowing!