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Cat health – Brilliant Salmon Oil


Use Brilliant Salmon Oil for Cat Health.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is a natural, unrefined and gently liberated product derived from salmon. The oil is produced for human consumption, and is therefore of very high quality without any additives. Fresh taste of salmon will help increase your pet’s appetite.

Brilliant Salmon Oil is the only salmon oil on the market made by a single ingredient. Our production is sustainable and fully traceable, and to match our transparent production we present our oil in a UV-protected, transparent bottle.

Why should I use Brilliant Salmon Oil in my pets’ daily diet?

Fresh taste of salmon will help increase your pet’s appetite. Brilliant Salmon Oil may also contribute to shinier coat, softer paws, and increased energy.

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Key features

  • Fully traceable production

  • No antibiotics

  • Non-GMO

  • Fresh – for better taste

  • Human grade oil

  • All natural

  • UV-protected bottle

  • Easy and trouble-free dosage

  • What you see, is what you’ll get

How Brilliant Salmon Oil is made?

Brilliant Salmon Oil is produced through a sustainable, and fully traceable process – from salmon farm to bottled product, it all happens in Norway.

Brilliant Salmon Oil comes in 2 sizes – 10 ounces and 34 ounces to be used for the health of your cat. $13.49 – $32.99


What Brilliant Salmon Oil customers says



“We have been giving Sirius Brilliant Salmon Oil for almost two years. I’ve noticed that instead of shedding all his winter fur at once, he sheds a little over a short period of a couple of weeks – and then it’s done. He also has paws and fur in top condition.”

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