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cat toy lick mat
cat toy lick mat


Cat Toys enrichment lick mats are ideal for feeding times because they keep your cat entertained with various food and mat textures. Some simple cat enrichment meal ideas to try with these are Pureed pumpkin, peanut butter, and xylitol-free plain sugar-free yogurt are examples of Lick Mat foods.

SodaPup’s E-mats are enrichment mats designed for licking. Licking relaxes your cat and makes it a fun challenge to get a snack. As they work to lick the goodies out of all the nooks and crannies of these mats, your cat’s natural foraging instincts are put to use. Licking also stimulates saliva production, which improves digestive health. E-mats are also a way to give your cat a long lasting treat without giving them too many calories.

BPA FREE + FOOD GRADE TPR RUBBER:  Non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer friendly.  Dishwasher safe on top rack.


TREAT SUGGESTIONS for your cat toys: peanut butter, canned pet food, cream cheese, yogurt (plain), crushed treat moistened with water.  Consult your vet for a complete list of foods that are suitable for your pet.

WARNING: The Calming Honeycomb licking mat and Bones Enrichment Licking mat are not a chew toys.  Supervise your pet while using this enrichment mat.  If emat becomes damaged, remove from pet immediately.

CARE:  This emat is dishwasher safe on the top rack.  You can also wash in warm soapy water.

Get yours E-Mat Lick mat now and watch your cat become more relaxed and at ease. These lickmats are also ideal for use as a dog licking mat.

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